Best DNA Kits Deals & Coupon Codes in Oct 2020

Cele mai bune cupoane pentru kituri ADN din 2020
Start Building your Family Tree for FREE!
Download MyHeritage's Family Tree Builder for FREE and start building your family tree today. Create an extensive family tree and use it to create shareable charts and reports.
Gift an Ancestry Subscription!

Give the gift of family history with a non-renewing Ancestry subscription! Perfect for a birthday or Christmas gift, choose from the US Discovery, World Explorer, or All Access plans.

Save 10% on the Ancestry and Traits DNA Kit + FREE Delivery!
Shop today and save 10% on 23andMe's Ancestry and Traits DNA kit, plus receive FREE shipping. Trace where your ancestors came from and explore what makes you, you. Be quick, this is a limited time deal!
Save 35% on an Additional Breed + Health Kit!
Purchase a Breed + Health Kit from Embark and save 35% on an additional Kit, that's a $70 discount. The offer is valid for one additional kit per household and can be redeemed at the checkout.
FREE Existing DNA Upload for Living DNA Reports!
Already tested your DNA through MyHeritage, 23andMe, or Ancestry? Upload your DNA for FREE and gain additional reports by Living DNA.
Convenient Lab STD Tests Starting at Just $24.00
Purchase STD tests from from as little as $24.00 provide your samples confidentially the same day at a testing center near you. Results are delivered online within 48 hours and a doctor's consultation is available for positive results!
20% Off the 5 Recipes Bundle!
Save 20% on GenoPalate's 5 Recipes Bundle in the Flash Sale. Receive 5 hand-crafted recipes based on your GenoPalate DNA Report! Be quick, the deal won't last long!
Vitagene's DNA Sale
Exclusive Discount Alert!
Exclusive $13.00 discount on Vitagen-X.
GPS Origins Ancestry Test for Just $169.00 + FREE Delivery!
Purchase the groundbreaking GPS Origins Ancestry Test from EasyDNA for just $169.00 and receive FREE US shipping. Trace your ancestry back 1,000 years to the precise location your distant relatives came from.
38% OFF the Wellbeing Kit in the Autumn Sale!
Get 38% OFF Living DNA Wellbeing Kit. And get FREE SHIPPING when you buy 3 or more kits. Optimise your wellbeing, by understanding how different foods and exercise work with your body! Be a healthier you with this limited time deal!
Pay Just $29.96 for 5Strands Water Algae Test!
Protect your beloved pets from the dangers of blue-green algae for just $29.96 with 5Strand's Water Test. Excellent value-for-money!
At-Home Covid-19 Test for Just $109.00 + FREE Shipping!
Test for Covid-1o easily at-home without having to visit a testing site for just $109.00, plus FREE shipping both ways. Particularly useful if you're shielding, your secure digital results will be available within 72 hours of the lab receiving your sample.
Save up to 50% in the Sweetest Day Sale!
Enjoy up to 50% off at GenoPalate in the Sweetest Day Sale! Discover the best food for your genes and eat healthier this year. The amazing deals won't last long!
Save 30% Off Orders of Two or More Test Kits
Purchase two or more kits from LetsGetChecked and receive a 30% discount off your entire order. Ideal if you want to undergo a full health check without a visit to the doctor.
Save 23% on an Additional Breed Identification Kit!
Pay just $99 for an additional Embark Breed Identification Kit, that's a 23% saving from the $129 regular price. Ideal for households with more than one dog. Redeem at checkout, offer valid for one additional kit per household.
46% Off Existing DNA + 5 Recipes!
Save 46% on GenoPalate's Existing DNA + 5 Recipes report in the Sweetest Day Sale. Upload your existing DNA report and learn the best foods and recipes for you based on your genes. Act fast on this limited time deal!
Save 69% on Individual STD Test Kits with a Control Membership!
Take ownership of your sexual health with Control, Everlywell's monthly membership.Save 69% on the price of individual STD test kits. For just $14.99/month you can select a qualifying at-home STD test of your choice each month.
21% Discount on the DNA Kit + 5 Recipes
Save 21% on GenoPalate's DNA Kit + 5 Recipes in the Flash Sale. Perfect if you don't have an existing DNA report and want to know the best foods and recipes for you.
FREE Family Tree with Any DNA Kit!
All 23andMe DNA Kits include a FREE family tree, automatically generated based on your unique DNA. Ideal if you want to learn more about your genetics and start your genealogy journey.
Reliable, At-Home Covid-19 Test for Just $150.00 + FREE Shipping!
Test for Covid-19 from the safety of your own home for just $150.00 with the reliable test kit from myLAB Box. FREE overnight shipping is included and results are available in as little as 24 hours.
Save 38% on the World Explorer Plan + 2-Week Free Trial!

Save 38% when you purchase a 6-month subscription to Ancestry's World Explorer plan! AND get 14 days completely FREE and UNLIMITED.

Great Deal! Save 26% with the Pet Deluxe Package!
Purchase 5Strands Deluxe Pet Package and save 26% on the cost of individual pet test kits. Ideal for learning more about the any intolerance or imbalance your dog or cat may have, without an expensive trip to the vet.
Huge 38% Saving on Purchases of 900 Credits!
Save 38% when you purchase 900 Pay As You Go Credits instead of buying 100 credits at a time. Findmypast records cost between 5 and 60 credits to view. Credits are valid for 90 days.
BIG SAVING! 44% OFF Combined Wellbeing & Ancestry Kit!
Get 44% off when you purchase Living DNA's comprehensive combination ancestry and wellbeing kit. Discover your past and optimise your future with this fantastic combination DNA kit offer!
Save 49% with the At-home STD Test Panel
Save a huge 49% with Everlywell's Male and Female Test Panels, which screen for seven common STDs. Testing individually will cost $294, while the panel is just $149, with a test for Herpes Type II included.
20% Off ALL Tests!
Save 20% on all LetGetChecked's tests with the coupon code, plus free next day delivery. Choose from a wide range of at-home tests, covering all your health needs without a visit to the doctor's office.
Special Offer - Exclusive 25% Off with Code WeeklyTests
Take control of your health and wellness with our exclusive 25% discount code. Enter WeeklyTests at the checkout and save on all of LetsGetChecked's at-home test kits.
FREE Shipping for Orders of 2+ Kits!
Order 2 or more MyHeritage DNA kits and get FREE shipping! Ideal if you want to purchase DNA kits for the family, to find out more about your shared ancestry.
Save 44% on the DNA + Family Tree Bundle!
Huge 44% saving when you purchase Ancestry's DNA + Family Tree Bundle. The bundle includes one Ancestry DNA kit and a 3-month World Explorer subscription. A great way to uncover your whole family story, without ever leaving your living room.
Special Deal - FREE 14-Day Trial and 50% Off the Complete Genealogy Package!
Enjoy a 14-day FREE trial on the Complete Genealogy Package from MyHeritage. Plus, save 50% on your subscription when the trial ends. Access all 12.6 billion historical records to build an unlimited family tree. Be quick, the deal won't last long!!
Get This Deal!
Expiră la: 28.10.2020
25% Off Food Sensitivity Tests with Promo Code!
Save 25% on Everlywell's Food Insensitivity Tests with the coupon code, plus FREE shipping. A great way to discover which foods may be causing you discomfort to guide an elimination diet.
Limited Time Offer: FREE SHIPPING on All Orders!
FREE shipping on all orders from 23andMe. Click through to redeem the offer and shop the insightful DNA tests.
Save 43% with the Total Box STD Panel!
Save a whopping 43% over the cost of individual STD tests when you purchase the Total Box from myLAB Box. That's testing for 13 STD's for just $369, with the option to add an HPV test for women over 30 for only $30 extra. Plus FREE shipping!
Subscribe and Save 25% on Heart Health Testing!
Save 25% when you subscribe to monthly Heart Health Tests, plus FREE shipping on all orders. Ideal for monitoring your heart health.
20% Saving with the Safe Box STD Panel
Screen for the highest risk factors and save 20% over the cost of individual STD tests, with the Safe Box STD panel. For just $189 + FREE two-way shipping, you can screen for five common STDs from the comfort of your own home.
Save 26% on a 12-month Ultimate Subscription + 14-day FREE Trial
Save 26% on a 12-month Ultimate British & Irish subscription. PLUS you can try before you buy with a 14-day FREE trial. Ideal for discovering more about British and Irish heritage, with access to exclusive content.
Super Special Offer!
Save 25% on DNAfit. Just enter code DNAWEEKLY at checkout.
Exclusive 25% Discount with Promo Code WeeklyTests
Save 25% on STD tests and all other at-home health tests from LetsGetChecked with our exclusive promo code, WeeklyTests. Take control of all your sexual health and other concerns without a doctor's appointment.
Save 15% on Purchases of 300 Credits!
Purchase 300 Pay As You Go Credits and save 15% on the cost of buying 100 credits at a time. Findmypast records cost between 5 and 60 credits to view. Credits are valid for 90 days.
Sign Up and Save 10% on your First Order!
Sign up to the myLAB Box newsletter with your email and receive a special promo code for 10% off your first order. You also get FREE shipping on all orders!
FREE 14-Day Findmypast Subscription with DNA Test Purchase
Delve deep into your family history with a FREE 14-day subscription to Findmypast's records with each ancestry DNA purchase. Discover your where you come from, the origins of your ancestors, and even contact living relatives at no extra cost.
Huge 55% Saving on the Existing DNA Report!
Save 55% on the regular price of GenoPalate's Existing DNA report in the Flash Sale. Ideal if you already have a DNA report from 23andMe or AncestryDNA and want to discover the best foods for you, based on your genetics. Limited time deal!
21% Off GenoPalate's DNA Kit!
Save 21% on GenoPalate's DNA Kit in the flash sale. Ideal for finding out the best foods for you if you don't already have a DNA report.
Save 27% with 5Strands Standard Package!
Purchase 5Strands' Standard Package and save 27% on the price of buying the Food Intolerance Test, Environmental Intolerance Test, and Nutrition Test separately. Test your tolerance for 415 items for just $122.
SAVE 50% on U.S. Ancestry Records + 14-Day FREE Trial
Save 50% on a 6-month subscription to US Discovery Ancestry records. PLUS you get a 14-day FREE and UNLIMITED trial. Perfect if you want to explore your US heritage.
Unlimited 14-Day FREE TRIAL!

Get a 14-day FREE TRIAL with unrestricted access! Take this trial at NO RISK - only pay if you decide to keep your plan after your 14-day trial.

Fall Sale
Get your Gene Food test kit for only $139.99. Act fast so you don't miss out!
Huge 28% Saving with 5Strands Deluxe Package!
Save 28% on the cost of purchasing individual nutrition and intolerance tests with 5Strand's Deluxe Package. Test your imbalance or intolerance for a whopping 930 items for just $154.
Big Savings! 38% Off Ancestry DNA Test in the Halloween Sale
38% off MyHeritage's ancestry DNA test in the Halloween DNA Sale! Plus, FREE Shipping on purchases of 2 or more kits. Save today and uncover your ethnic origins and find new relatives. Limited time deal!
Save Today!
Expiră la: 31.10.2020
Shop the AncestryHealth DNA Kit for Just $179.00
Get a comprehensive view of your genetic health risks with the AncestryHealth DNA test for just $179.00. The test includes genetic health risk reports, health insights, and all the features of AncestryDNA+Traits.
Huge 43% Saving with the Uber Box!
Save 43% on the cost of individual STD tests with the Uber Box. The panel tests for 8 common STDs for just $269, with FREE shipping included! Ideal for taking control of your sexual health without visiting the doctor.
Exclusive Discount!
Save 25% on DNAfit tests with our exclusive promo code: DNAWEEKLY
FREE DNA Upload to Find Potential Relatives!
Connect to unknown living relatives for FREE with Findmypast by uploading your existing DNA results to access Family Networks. You can upload results from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, and MyHeritage for FREE.
Huge Saving of 63% with the 10 STD Test Panel!
Save a whopping 63% on the cost of individual STD tests with the 10 Panel Test. You'll be screened for the 10 most common STDs for just $198, with accurate and reliable results available in as little as 24 hours!
Pay Just $59.00 for the 10-Panel Drug Test + FREE Shipping!
The excellent value-for-money 10-Panel Drug Test from myLAB Box costs just $59.00 and screens for ten common illegal and legal substances in the convenient at-home kit. Plus, enjoy fast and FREE shipping on all orders.
Two great products, one unbeatable price!
You can save $100.00 if you act right now!
29% Saving on 12-month Essential Subscription + 14-day FREE trial!
Subscribe to the 12-month Essential British & Irish plan and save 29%. Plus, you can investigate your British and Irish roots for FREE with a 14-day trial.
Save 30% on Ancestry DNA & FREE Shipping on 3+ Kits
Save 30% off ancestry DNA kits in Living DNA's Autumn Sale. Plus, if you order 3 or more kits, you'll get free shipping, too! Get this limited-time deal before it's too late!
Oasis Labs Launch Sale
Get $500.00 off lifetime membership!
Upgrade to a Premium Subscription and Save 30%!
Save 30% when you upgrade to a premium subscription to MyHeritage. Add up to 2,500 individuals to your family tree, benefit from enhanced Smart Matches, and enjoy priority customer support. All for just $5.75/month!
Save 33% on Premium Plus Subscriptions!
Upgrade to MyHeritage's Premium Plus Subscription and save 33%, that just $9.92/month! It makes adding to your unlimited family tree a breeze, by adding entire branches from billions of family tree and historical records.
Subscribe and Save 30% on all STD Tests!
Save 30% on all STD tests when you subscribe for quarterly testing. Experience the convenience of LetsGetChecked's at-home STD, which are shipped for FREE in discreet packaging.
Best Deal: SAVE 50% on the 6-month Plan + 14 Day FREE Trial!
Get up to 50% OFF when you purchase a 6-month Ancestry All Access subscription. AND get a 14 day unlimited free trial! Get unrestricted access to over 3 billion birth, marriage, death, census, military, and church records at a great, discounted price.
Special Deal - Pay $99.00 for AncestryDNA® test and Get Traits for $20!
Pay only $99.00 for your AncestryDNA® test and purchase the Traits add-on for just $20. See how your DNA influences your hair type, iris patterns, finger length, and so much more!
Special Offer - $10.00 Off your Orders at
Save $10.00 on all orders from with the limited time deal . Redeem the offer on the website and save on a range of convenient lab tests. Take control of your health today, no doctor's appointment required!
Special Offer - $60.00 Off Breed + Health Cat DNA Test!
Celebrate National Cat Day with a huge $60.00 saving on Basepaws' Breed + Health Cat DNA Test with the special promo code. Ideal if you have ever wanted to know more about your precious furry friend.
Reveal Code!
Expiră la: 01.11.2020
Save 28% with the Chlamydia + Gonorrhea Test!
Purchase the Gonorrhea + Chlamydia Test Kit and save 28% on the cost of buying the STD test kits individually. As these infections are often caught together, be smart and save!
Save 15% on Breed and Health Kit with Promo Code!
Save 15% on Embark's Breed + Health Dog DNA Kit. Pay just $169 instead of the regular $199 purchase price - that's a $30 discount!
Save up to 75% on Test Kits with a Control Membership!
With Control, Everlywell's monthly membership you can save up to 75% on the price of individual Health & Wellness test kits. For just $24.99/month you can select a qualifying at-home test of your choice each month. Take Control of your health!
Quarantine Special - $15.00 Off your Orders at
Save $15.00 on your order from during the Quarantine Special for cheap, convenient lab testing. Redeem the offer through the website, but be quick, the deal won't last long!
Save Today!
Expiră la: 01.11.2020
13% Saving with the Pet Standard Package!
Save 13% over the cost of individual Environmental and Food Intolerance testing with 5Strands Pet Standard Package. The test works for both cats and dogs.